Can Divorce Attorney Represent Both Parties

A divorce can be a really bad time for any couple, and deciding to divorce would be also a big decision for them. At this time choosing a divorce attorney Greenville SC for you to help would be really beneficial and if you are thinking about can a single divorce attorney can represent you to save money then read this article for help.

Can a Divorce Lawyer Represent Both Parties?

When if we really look at the situation then you and your partner are 2 different sides of the river and are opposing each other.  This remains true regardless of whether you’ve agreed to the terms of your divorce. If an attorney represents both of you then it will be a conflict of interest for the lawyer.

There is no such situation in which a single attorney can represent both of the partners but a single attorney will be able to help you to finalize your divorce. Mediation is a process in which a mutually chosen third party helps divorcing spouses agrees to terms. It is often chosen to save couples the time and trouble of going through a trial. An attorney may act as your mediator, provided they do not give legal advice.

Can Divorce Attorney Represent Both Parties

The things a mediator can do are limited to:

  • Helping you knowing the law
  • Filling paperwork
  • Proper communication with financial officers and court representatives
  • Identifying sources of possible conflicts, such as child custody, assets, and property division
  • Facilitating agreements on those conflicts
  • Drafting a settlement agreement

One negative thing about mediation is that your lawyer will not be able to give any legal advice to you. For legal representation, you would have to hire an independent divorce attorney Greenville SC who can handle your family law case.

Advantages of a divorce lawyer for help

Expert advice: There are chances that you do not know what a divorce entails, no matter how learned you are. A top divorce lawyer Greenville SC has the skills and experience on how to represent anyone in the court. With an experienced divorce attorney Greenville SC on your side, your chances of a smooth divorce are possible.

A divorce lawyer has field expertise as they keep fighting in court for clients now and then. Hiring one that is experienced is a gate pass to getting quality advice from an expert.

Stress-free process: Court legal proceedings can be really stressful especially for people who have no experience of it; handling any case requires patience and proper guidance of an experienced lawyer. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, the stress that comes is not easy to handle. The stress you would be getting by living without your partner and raising children alone is already too much to handle. You can engage with experts from Sarah Henry Law for help anytime.

Error-Free Process: Legal processing must be filled error-free as a lot of things are put on stake, and this is only possible if a reliable divorce lawyer Greenville SC is doing that for you.  You must know about the required document, rules, timeline, and where you need to deposit the documents, having all this information is not easy for you to know all time. Thus contacting a professional attorney can make your work really easy and error-free.

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