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In addition to her other fields of practice, Sarah Henry specializes in defending criminal law cases. Regardless of the cause or severity of the case, she brings a level of consideration and expertise that’s unprecedented. If you’re in need of an attorney that’s not only qualified to handle your case, but also committed to your success, contact Sarah today. From DUI and drug cases to theft, assault and more, you can proceed confidently knowing that you’re in qualified hands.

DUI Cases

DUI cases vary from situation to situation. There’s plenty of common sense advice that floats around, but if you find yourself faces DUI charges, proper representation could mean the difference between a positive outcome or serious penalties.


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Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses consist of a wide range of crimes that range from speeding and illegal lane changes to DUIs and reckless driving charges. Regardless of your situation, if you’re facing prosecution, legal help can make the difference in your case.


Harassment lawsuits include bullying, hate crimes, stalking and more. If you’ve found yourself in a situation that could be qualified as harassment, understanding your rights and the best way to proceed will help create the best possible outcome.

Driver's License Suspensions

There are a variety of ways a person can get their driver’s license suspended, ranging from speeding tickets and traffic violations to DUIs. If your license is suspended, Sarah can help you get it back as quickly as possible.

Bond Issues

After an arrest, the bond set for a defendant depends on a variety of factors. While some charges have a set bond amount other crimes may have bond amounts that are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Theft cases, including burglary and robbery cases, require special understanding. Depending on the amount stolen, someone accused of theft can face either misdemeanor or felony charges, including the possibility of jail time.

Property Offenses

From burglary and property theft to extortion, vandalism and arson, property crimes encompass a wide variety of charges and proceedings. Contact Sarah Henry today to learn more about the options you have available to you.


If you’ve been convicted of assault, you’re likely facing serious charges. For expert help in your case, contact Sarah Henry. She will help you understand your options, as well as what charges you’re facing and how they can impact your life.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are very serious and require a lot of thought and planning. If you’re facing charges like these, it’s in your best interest to secure representation that will not only help you understand what you’re facing, but also create a strategy that yields results.

Weapons Charges

Weapons charges can typically be divided into two major categories -- use and possession. If you find yourself in the either of these categories, it’s important to not only understand your rights but your options going forward as well.

Juvenile Cases

In addition to working with adults, Sarah Henry also works with juvenile cases. Her training and understanding of the law qualify her to represent minors for a wide range of cases. If you have questions, you can contact her today.


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