Divorce Lawyer Greenville SC

Divorce can be overwhelming and scary.

Sarah M. Henry is an experienced family law professional in Greenville, South Carolina, who will help you through the process as painlessly as possible. She wants only the best for you, and she will fight to get you what you deserve.

Below are a few of the services that a divorce lawyer Greenville SC provide, and that Ms. Henry excels at.

Family Law Writs and Appeals

If unfortunately, your divorce has gone through and there are major problems with asset division, custody, or support decisions, you will need an experienced divorce lawyer in Greenville SC to file appeals or writs on your behalf.

Ms. Henry, aided by her experience in other aspects of the law, including appellate law, is uniquely qualified to help you make sure your divorce agreement is airtight. Or, if you need help with a divorce that has already been settled, and that you feel is unfair, she can help you determine what course of action to take.

Divorce Lawyer Greenville SC

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Agreements made before or after a marriage can be of great help to you if the marriage ends. It gives you a head start on your rights and protections, and Sarah M. Henry knows how to formulate these agreements in a way that is fair and reasonable.

However, you need to know that these agreements aren’t bulletproof on their own. So if you need an excellent family lawyer Greenville SC to contest an unfair agreement in a divorce, or an advocate to show that your agreement was perfectly valid and should be upheld, Ms. Henry is the kind of divorce lawyer Greenville SC you want working with you.

Property Division

How do you split a house in half? It sounds ridiculous, but this is the kind of question that you have to ask when you start dividing property and assets between your ex-spouse and yourself.

It’s hard to know the answer to this question though! Sarah M. Henry has the experience, knowledge, and patience to carefully determine what is owed to you legally, and also what you deserve. Then, she fights tooth and nail to make sure you get what you deserve, and nothing less.

Business Valuation

Once again, this is the kind of question that you need professionals to answer. You need experts to attest to a business’ value, so you can move on to the division.

Sarah M. Henry from Sarah Henry Law has an extraordinary reputation in Greenville, South Carolina as a straight shooter, with a large and respectable professional network. Her standing in the larger community will help you get accurate and fair valuations. Then, she can use her skills as a divorce lawyer Greenville SC to use the valuations to determine your fair share and fight for it.

Spousal Support

Spousal support, or alimony, takes into account many factors, such as income, whether both spouses were working during the marriage, and even spending habits.

If you want a fair deal, you will need a divorce attorney Greenville SC who can get you what you deserve, and Ms. Henry is the woman for the job.

Child Support

Another extremely important factor! You need to make sure your child is taken care of, no matter what! Ms. Henry knows the ins and outs of child support and knows how to make sure your child doesn’t get short-changed.

Child Custody and Visitation

In many cases, this is the most important factor for parents. No matter how amicable you think your divorce is, it is paramount to make sure that you have a child custody arrangement that will help you in case of future acrimony. When going through a divorce, you need not only to think of the next year but also the 10 years after that and beyond.

Imagine your ex-spouse gets remarried to someone who is willing to violate your goodwill. You will need to know that by law, you have inviolable rights that you can fall back on, and Ms. Henry will secure those rights for you.

Family Lawyer Greenville SC

Asset Protection

During the divorce, you may be concerned that your ex-spouse wants more than their fair share of the assets, or wants to take from the assets that you established outside of the marriage.

Sarah M. Henry knows that divorce in Greenville, South Carolina calls for a lawyer with experience and smart strategies to help you protect what’s yours.

Post-judgment Litigation and Enforcement

Sometimes, even when the divorce settlement is agreed-upon and legal, people have a hard time holding up their end of the deal.

You could try reasoning with them, or banging your head against the wall, OR, you could have Sarah M. Henry take care of it for you. She is an expert litigator who gets the job done, and will do everything in her power to make sure your rights continue to be protected after the divorce is finalized.

Whether you need help before, during, or after a divorce, contact Ms. Henry, the Greenville, South Carolina lawyer that you want on your side, and remember—when it comes to protecting yourself and what you deserve, better sooner than later!