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Resolving family issues isn’t always simple. From child custody battles to spousal support, separation cases, divorce, asset division and more, choosing proper representation can mean the difference between winning a case and settling for less than ideal terms. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need legal guidance, Sarah Henry is prepared to help you not only understand the situation you’re facing, but also how best to proceed in order to foster a positive outcome.


Filing for divorce can be a lengthy and complicated process. From splitting up assets to other legal factors, proper legal representation can mean the difference between a fair settlement and losing everything you hold dear.


Regardless of the type of case you find yourself dealing with, Sarah Henry is committed to helping you pursue the settlement that best meets your personal needs. Thanks to her strong grasp of the law and dedication to her clients, you can be sure you’re well represented.

Spousal Support / Alimony

Separation and divorce cases can oftentimes result in alimony payments or spousal support. Whether you find yourself with the possibility of making or receiving these payment, Sarah can help you understand what the standards are for cases like yours.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples consider prenuptial agreements prior to marriage for a variety of reasons. However, without legal counsel, the possibility for problems in the future rises drastically. If you’re looking to craft a prenuptial agreement or need yours reviewed, Sarah Henry can help.

Asset Division

If you find yourself facing divorce and need counsel regarding asset division, Sarah Henry is prepared to help. You may find yourself unsure of what to ask for or what you’re even entitled to, and proper representation can make all the difference.

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When it comes to custody battles, understanding your rights and the rights of your child are paramount. In order to secure what’s best for your child, it’s important to secure professional legal help. By doing this you can help ensure a positive outcome.

DSS Cases

DSS cases including child abuse and neglect are serious issues that require careful consideration. If you have any questions about your options or believe you may need representation for yourself or your child, contact Sarah today.

Child Support

Every child deserves the opportunity to live without worry. If you find yourself facing a child support dispute, having the proper information, counsel and representation can mean the difference between a fair settlement and nothing at all.


Planning for the care and well being of loved ones is an important consideration. If you’re interested in learning what rights you have regarding guardianship, Sarah can help you understand your situation and how best to proceed.

Child Support Enforcement

Government mandated child support arrangements don’t guarantee that you’ll receive the money you’re owed. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not receiving what was promised to care for your child, proper legal backing is essential to solving the problem.


Adopting a child is a lengthy process. From first steps throughout the entire process, securing legal guidance and representation can help you navigate the situation most efficiently. Sarah is an experienced adoption attorney who’s ready to help you through each step.


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