South Carolina Family Lawyer FAQs

Family Law can be a confusing maze of paperwork, bylaws, and rights that make it almost impossible to go it alone. The decisions that are made as your marriage ends can affect you and your family for the rest of your life.

Because these decisions are so life-changing, it is so important for you to find a family lawyer Greenville SC who has your best interests at heart, and the experience to protect them. Ms. Sarah M. Henry has that experience and has the motivation to protect you and your child or children, no matter what opposing parties try to throw at you.

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What’s the difference between an annulment, legal separation, and divorce?

  • Annulment is the erasure of an entire marriage. This can be granted on legal or religious grounds, often in cases where the marriage lasts for only a short period of time. Or, an annulment could be granted if one spouse has seriously misrepresented themselves prior to the marriage, like hiding a criminal record. When granted an annulment, unlike a divorce, the entire marriage is basically erased, because it is ruled illegitimate or not properly conducted.
  • Legal Separation is when a couple agrees to separate, and the court assists with matters of property division, custody, and other family law matters, but the marriage is not technically over. Some people prefer this option over divorce for religious or financial reasons. Also, if the couple wishes to resume their marriage, it is easier in the case of legal separation than in the case of divorce because all they have to do is revoke the separation order.
  • Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. During the divorce, assets, and property are divided, custody is decided, and the two parties give up all marriage-dependent rights and responsibilities to each other. However, even in cases of divorce, there may be shared legal rights, such as custody, which means that the couple will have to cooperate in the future. This means that it’s important that a divorce is done correctly, and that you are protected by a professional.

Sarah M. Henry from Sarah Henry Law has the depth of experience that can help you navigate your options. She knows what is best for her clients, and fights for that outcome. She’s an expert family lawyer in Greenville SC that takes care of her clients like family.

What are the grounds for divorce in South Carolina?

There are 5 grounds for divorce in South Carolina, and depending on how you want your divorce and your life afterward to be, you need to have a divorce lawyer Greenville SC on your side to help you choose. Here are the 5 grounds:

  • – Adultery
  • – Habitual drunkenness
  • – Physical cruelty
  • – Abandonment
  • – No-fault

Choosing between a fault or no-fault divorce is one of the biggest determining factors of how your divorce will go, and it’s a decision that must be made in the beginning. Ms. Henry will advise and help you as an experienced family lawyer Greenville SC who has only your best interests at heart.

During a divorce, from day one, you need an advocate who is 100% on your side, no matter what. And Sarah M. Henry is an expert divorce attorney Greenville SC who gets results for her clients.

How is child custody decided in South Carolina?

In Greenville, South Carolina, child custody is determined by what is judged to be the child’s best interest. Ms. Henry has the knowledge and experience to work with you and help you create an ideal situation for your child going forward.

Whether you end up with joint or sole custody, Ms. Henry knows how to win the arrangement that will work for you and your family. She has your best interests at heart, and your child’s best interests, too.

What is the difference between legal custody and physical custody?

Legal custody is the right to determine big life decisions for your child, like schooling or medical decisions.

Physical custody determines where your child physically spends his or her time, like how much time he or she spends in one parents’ house or another.

Forms of custody can be joint or sole, and you will want an experienced professional like Ms. Henry to navigate these waters. She is so knowledgeable in family law in Greensville, South Carolina that you will be able to rest easy knowing that she got the best deal for you and your child.

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Who decides if grandparents or other family members have visitation rights?

Third-party visitation is an important but often overlooked issue. It is possible for a spouse to legally block or limit your child’s visitation with their Grandma or extended family if you’re not careful.

This is why Ms. Henry is the right choice—she will make sure that your child is legally protected, and that your life won’t be made chaotic via third party visitation decisions. Call 864-478-8324 & speak with Sarah to help you.

These and more, are the family law issues that you will have to navigate during a divorce. You will want Sarah M. Henry as your family lawyer in Greenville SC. You don’t want to be struggling to jump over these hurdles—instead, Ms. Henry will use the building blocks of her knowledge, experience, and professionalism to build you your own personal bridge.