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Your children are your pride and joy, but you may have been unable to keep custody of them. Visitation is now a vital chance to spend time with your children, but you may be worried about protecting that time. 

Or you may have custody of your children, but you’re worried about their visitation time with other family members. What if they’re unsafe or unhappy? You may be considering a modification to the current plan. 

At Sarah Henry Law, we understand how important time with your children can be. Because of this, our Greenville child visitation lawyer is here to stand up for you and your children’s needs. We’re ready to handle your child visitation case and make sure you get the quality time you should with your children. 

Children’s Needs May Require the Aid of a Greenville Child Visitation Attorney

Deciding on a visitation schedule isn’t always easy. Even if you’re divorcing your spouse amicably, the headache of negotiating visitation can turn your discussion into an argument. You have your own work schedule, they have their work schedule, your children may have school and after-school activities, and other relatives, like grandparents, may want their own time. 

Because of this, child visitation agreements can get tricky fast when you and your spouse separate and divorce. These visits get even trickier if visitations are supervised for the safety of your child. This can be a big change for you and your child. 

Even so, getting time with both parents may be vital for your child. Maintaining a relationship with both parents can help their childhood feel safer and more stable. So, how can you make visitation plans that work for all parties? 

Because the needs of children can be so complex, you may need to reach out to a Greenville child visitation attorney. Your attorney has the tools needed to mediate a visitation plan that works for all involved parties. 

How a South Carolina Visitation Agreement Establishes the Rules of Child Visitation

As a parent in Greenville, you’re entitled to parenting time, or visitation time, with your child, even if you don’t have physical custody of the child. Unless your parental rights were terminated, you have grounds to seek time with your child or children after a divorce, even if your ex has sole custody. 

A South Carolina visitation agreement sets out what that parenting time will look like. For example, if you work during the week, you may be granted overnight visits during the weekend. These rules will be laid out and agreed upon in your visitation agreement, including any parties that may have a right to visitation, like grandparents. 

This agreement can help you maintain a connection to your children and enforce that visitation. For example, if you divorced on bad terms, your spouse may not be keen to see you. They may do what they can to avoid keeping their visitation agreement. But with a visitation agreement laid out, your lawyer can step in and ensure your right to see your children is protected. 

How a Greenville Lawyer Can Help During Visitation Schedule Changes

When writing a visitation agreement, you and the other parent may have specific needs, but those needs may change over time. You may have been moved to the night shift at work, for example, and now you’re not available when you once were. 

Your Greenville visitation lawyer can step in to protect your rights and get your visitation schedule modified, sometimes without dealing with other lawyers, complex arguments in court, or other headaches. Getting time with your children matters, and a lawyer with experience can help you if an issue arises with your visitation agreement. 

For example, you may be worried about domestic violence while your child is visiting your ex-spouse. If you’re worried your child won’t be safe during visitation, your lawyer can seek to arrange supervised visitation or revoke visitation rights. 

If you’re making a visitation decision, our lawyer can offer advice and guidance for your case.

Our Clients’ Most Common Questions About Greenville Child Visitation

When preparing a visitation agreement, you may have questions about the details and logistics of your visitation. Time with your children is precious, after all, and you want to be sure that you’re prepared for your court date to settle visitation. 

If you have questions about your visitation plan, reach out to our firm’s lawyer. We have the tools you need to settle any visitation disputes or issues. Before reaching out to a lawyer, you can also check out some of our most commonly asked question below. 

Once your visitation agreement becomes a court order the parties must adhere to it, barring situations where the child is unable to go because of illness, injury, or other major concerns. But what if your child simply doesn’t want to go? 

Once the child is eighteen years old, they’re no longer a minor and can refuse. Before this, the parties must comply with the court order or face potential contempt. . If your child is uncomfortable, you can talk to your lawyer about modifying your visitation plan.

Visitation time should be in a safe, comfortable setting for your child or children. If your spouse has previously been abusive, it’s possible  that  visitation time may be supervised to prevent any harm to your children. 

Your children’s safety is your first priority, and your lawyer will make it theirs, too. If your child is put in a dangerous situation during visitation, your lawyer will work with you to p your child’s safety.  

When it comes to dealing with your ex, there may be some difficult emotions that complicate visitation time. For example, your former partner may be in a relationship with someone you don’t like or you’re not comfortable allowing your children to visit. 

In these cases, you may need a lawyer to advocate for your rights as a parent. If you don’t think allowing your ex’s partner to visit your children is safe, your lawyer  can advocate for you and gather evidence to present to the court. . That can give you peace of mind during visitations. 

In some cases, it may be in the best interests of your child to see other family members. But this can be difficult when a family law dispute happens. For example, your former spouse’s parents may want visitation rights, but because of the divorce, you may have a strained relationship with them. 

Your lawyer can help you prepare a visitation plan for any family members who may have these rights. An attorney can help you make a plan that works for all involved parties without compromising your time with your children.

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Seeing your child or children may be one of the brightest spots in your life, but creating a visitation plan can be difficult. You’re not the only party involved, and that can make settling on a plan difficult. 

Let your Greenville child visitation lawyer take the burden of creating a visitation plan off your shoulders. The team at Sarah Henry Law can help you prepare your case, and our lawyer can represent you in the courtroom to seek the visitation agreement that best meets your needs. 

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