Greenville Adoption Lawyer

Adoption can be a deeply rewarding experience. Thousands of children need stable, safe homes every year, and hundreds of kids in South Carolina may be eligible for welcoming homes right now. But adoption can also be a complicated process involving forms, inspections, and fees that can quickly become extremely costly. The legal aspects of adoption can quickly become confusing and complicated, as well. Luckily, Sarah Henry Law is ready to help make the adoption process easier for you. Your family lawyer is ready to help you approach adoption and make welcoming a child into your home as easy and exciting as it should be. Reach out to a Greenville adoption lawyer to learn more about your options when adopting.

The Different Types of Adoptions in South Carolina

Adoptions can involve many different situations and organizations. There isn’t one singular path to adoption, and as such, it can be difficult and confusing to choose the right direction you and your family need to take. 

With hundreds of children seeking homes in South Carolina alone, you may find yourself unsure of what option is best for you and your family. Here are some of the different types of adoptions and some of the challenges you may face with each type: 

Relative Adoption

Sometimes, the child of a relative may be up for adoption, and you may legally qualify as a close relative. This is often one of the first options in cases where the parents have passed away or are unable to take care of the child, or in cases where the home is unsafe for the child. 

Private Adoption Agencies

Private adoption agencies can be costly, but they can also ease the work of connecting with birth parents and children when seeking an adoption. Your lawyer can help you work through any legal forms the agency requires. 

Direct Placement

It’s not necessary to use an adoption agency for an adoption. You may know the birth mother and want to plan the adoption between yourselves. In these cases, your lawyer can help you finalize an agreement and present it in court. 

Foster Care Adoption

Foster care is meant to be a temporary solution for children who can’t get the care they need from their birth parents. When placement at home isn’t an option, foster parents may be eligible to adopt. 

International Adoption Agencies

 In some cases, you may plan to adopt a child from another country, but this can be even more complex. Your lawyer can help you ensure you’re working with an accredited agency and taking the right steps toward a successful adoption.

How an Adoption Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Process

Navigating adoption in or out of the courtroom is already difficult. You’re facing financial costs, legal complications, adjustments for other family members, and adjustments for the child you’re welcoming into your home. That’s a lot to juggle at once! An adoption lawyer in Greenville can ease the pressure and help you act fast when you’re trying to adopt. Your lawyer can handle the legal details. They have the knowledge and courtroom experience to guide you through the paperwork, background checks, and hearings you may face. They can even represent you in court. While an adoption lawyer can’t entirely change the naturally complicated and lengthy adoption process, they can ease the personal confusion and difficulty of your case. When you rely on their knowledge, you can spend more of your time preparing your home and family for its newest member. Adoption should be a joyful time, so let your lawyer take the pressure off you.

Common Questions about Greenville Adoptions

The adoption process can be confusing and complex, and the details of one case can vary from another depending on the circumstances. That makes it difficult to get a clear answer from free online sources. 

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to figure out the answers alone. An adoption lawyer can help you get specific answers tailored to your specific case. Check out the list below for some commonly asked questions while you get in touch with our lawyer for a remote consultation. 

When you seek an adoption, you may be in for a lengthy process. Before you’re eligible to adopt, you’ll first need to pass a background check. A background check may take months to complete. Once you’ve chosen a child to adopt, you can begin finalizing the process, including taking the necessary steps in adoption court. This may take another six months or more. 

While a lawyer can’t speed up every part of the adoption process, they can help you avoid mistakes that will cost you even more time. That way, you can focus on preparing for a new child to join your family.

Adoptive parents are expected to provide children with a safe, welcoming home. Because of that, certain qualities can disqualify you from adopting. While you won’t be disqualified for details like marital status, your background check will matter. Bankruptcy, past felony convictions for you or members or your household, and similar issues may disqualify you. 

Because of this, you may need to speak with a lawyer if anything unexpected shows up on your background check. An attorney can help you determine how to proceed and whether you’ll be able to adopt if something adverse appears on your background check. 

If you’re a South Carolina resident, you may already be eligible to adopt. Regardless of marital status, residents of the state are allowed to adopt.

An adoption lawyer can guide you through any  differences in the process, ensuring you’re on the right path to adoption. 

Consult with a Greenville Adoption Lawyer

When you’re planning to adopt, you should be able to focus on the joy of bringing a new family member home. What you shouldn’t have to do is stress over the legal details of the adoption process. 

That’s where Sarah Henry Law can step in. Your Greenville adoption lawyer can take the legal headaches off your shoulders, ensuring you file the right forms and appear in court when you’re needed. When you’re ready to speak with a lawyer about your case, reach out for a remote consultation by calling 864-478-8324 or by completing the following online contact form.