Greenville Family Law FAQ

Family law deals with various legal matters related to family relationships, such as marriage, adoptions, child custody, child support, grandparents’ rights, and more. These cases can be emotionally charged and complex, and a skilled Greenville family law attorney is necessary to help you navigate the litigation process and advocate for your best interests in the courtroom. These complex matters are made even more overwhelming when you’re forced to sift through the legal jargon to get answers to your questions.

As an experienced, professional Greenville family law attorney, I seek to make this process less stressful for my clients. I’ve broken down common questions about family law in Greenville to help you confidently approach this process.

How do I modify an existing child support agreement?

Whether you’re the party who owes child support and you’re seeking to reduce that amount, or you’re being paid child support and believe it is insufficient based on your current circumstances, you have the right to request a modification of an existing child support agreement.

This process begins by filing for a modification with the courts. When this happens, both parties must present documentation dealing with their circumstances. If you’re trying to lower the amount you pay, you will present reasoning as to why.

Perhaps your new job pays less than you were making when the original agreement was defined, or your ex-spouse makes more money now and can contribute to your child with less support from you. Perhaps you have new life circumstances like a disability or a new child, making the current financial agreement unsustainable.

If you’re the party attempting to modify the agreement and raise the amount you’re paid, you will present your justification accordingly. This may include increased costs related to your child, like affording specific medical treatments or educational expenses. Whatever your reasoning, you’ll present all documentation to the judge.

Your family lawyer will walk you through the process and ensure you present your best case to the judge.

I’m a grandparent. What are my rights?

Though parental rights take priority over grandparents’ rights, the child’s best interests remain the top priority of South Carolina courts. If a child is isolated by their parents and restricted from seeing their grandparents, you may have grounds to fight for visitation. This is especially true if you believe your grandchild is being mistreated or isn’t living in a safe environment.

Each circumstance is unique. The best path forward is to connect with a skilled family lawyer who can evaluate what’s happening and your options for moving forward.

How will our assets be divided?

In a divorce, the division of assets can be complicated, especially if both parties disagree on what’s equitable. South Carolina courts aim to provide a fair and equitable distribution of your shared assets, including your bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, and other possessions. Your family lawyer will advocate for your best interests throughout this process and fight for you to maintain your hard-earned assets fairly.

Should you and your ex-spouses agree on how your assets can be divided fairly, you can present that to the judge accordingly. This can streamline the process and speed up the divorce. Even if you cannot, you can still ensure your voice is heard by partnering with a reasonable Greenville family law attorney.

How do I file for a name change for myself or my child?

For many, filing for a name change for yourself or your child can be essential in the divorce process. Your family lawyer is here to help. Filing for a name change requires collecting a range of documents that prove you’re not a sex offender, providing a fingerprint and background check, and showing whether you’re on a registry for child abuse or neglect. If these documents meet the courts’ standards, you can file to change your name for a small fee.

Changing the name of your child is more complex. Partnering with a lawyer will help you evaluate your options and illuminate the best path forward.

I’m ready to move forward with a family law case. How do I start?

When you’re ready to move forward, the first step is choosing the lawyer to have on your side. At Sarah Henry Law, I have extensive experience supporting clients through various family law cases, from divorce to grandparents’ rights, custody battles, and more. No matter how complex your issue is, I will advocate for your best interests and aim to make the process as swift and stress-free as possible.

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